LCC Requirements

The Lizard Climate Control system has these requirements (updated as they change): turn lights and heaters on/off at specified times maintain specified temperatures during day and night report current temperature/humidity both locally (at cage) and remotely via internet manual bypass of Arduino control of AC switches built in fail-safe for over temperature situations protect sensors … Continue reading LCC Requirements

Tri-Temp project

Coming soon- the mostly completed Tri-Temp box. Two editions- Standard and Ethernet. I'm still finishing it up and have lots of pictures. Measure temperature and humidity from three locations via digital probes Self contained in a small project box Standard uses Arduino UNO Ethernet uses Arduino Ethernet Uses 16x2 LCD to display on Standard version … Continue reading Tri-Temp project

DHT11 Digital Temperature & Humidity Sensor

This was my first sensor. It's a digital temperature and humidity sensor. It uses three pins, two for power and one for data. It worked perfectly...except....the libraries provided by Virtuabotix ($9.99 via didn't work with the Arduino IDE v1.0. So if fixed it! You can download the library from this post. Remember to place … Continue reading DHT11 Digital Temperature & Humidity Sensor