Maker Resources and Tools

Here are some of the most useful sites I’ve found for Arduino related projects and tutorials.

  • – duh, good reference for the language and libraries
  • Fritzing – visualize your hardware AKA prototyping software! I use this for all the circuit diagrams on this site.
  • Adafruit Industries – not only do they sell hardware but their tutorials are fantastic
  • Lady Ada – Limor’s site loaded with projects- it’s the sister site to Adafruit
  • MegunoLink – MegunoLink is a free tool for talking to any microcontrollers (or any serial device for that matter).
  • Arduino Uno R3 Details – Nick Gammon goes into fantastic detail explaining what each of the major pins/groups do in this post along with links to more details about the protocols and such (SPI, I2C, ICSP etc)

If you have any you really like I’d be happy to include them. If any of my links are out of date please let me know. I don’t always check them.

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