Tri-Temp Update

I found time over the holidays to mess with one of my old original projects- the Tri-Temp
It was very interesting to poke around in some of my original hardware/code and add some things to it.

Attached is a gallery of pics from the latest incarnation.

I’ll add the code changes and an updated schematic shortly. Continue reading “Tri-Temp Update”

Code Updates

I haven’t worked on the Tri-Temp project in a while. I am going to go through and update the code a bit to lower the memory usage based on what I’ve learned for the LCC projects.

The original LCC code will have an update posted soon too. Mostly memory updates and a few control changes. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to bother but since the original LCC is still running my lizard’s climate I figured why not.

Tri-Temp Standard Code v2.0

After a long wait here’s version 2.0 of the Tri-Temp Standard code. What changed? Lots.

  • Button response is now very very fast.
  • Button to toggle C/F temp measurements
  • Temp reading is updated by interrupt timer. Approx every 5 sec.
  • Code is documented
  • Two new libraries needed –  avr/interrupt.h and TimerOne.h

Here’s the code:

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Slow Button/Switch Reaction

On my last project– which still isn’t done yet- the buttons for changing the temp display are very unresponsive.

The reason of course is because the Arduino has to loop through all the main code before getting around to checking the button status.

I found the cure! Interrupts!

EngBlaze has a great write up on how to use this. Whew! One less I have to write! Read it here. I’ll be modifying the Tri-Temp code to use interrupts soon. Sweet!

Neat side note for Tri-Temp

It occurred to me that the tri-temp project doesn’t have to be limited to the DHT22 sensor. Duh!

What is attached to the three externally accessible ports is totally up to software. I think maybe I’ll add a pressure sensor too.