TMP36 Analog Temperature Sensor

The TMP36 was my first sensor and is pretty simple. 3 pins, 1 analog port.

Available from SparkFun.

It’s a low voltage temperature sensor. It provides a voltage output that is linearly proportional to the Celsius temperature. It also doesn’t require any external calibration to provide a typical accuracy of ±1°C at +25°C and ±2°C over the −40°C to +125°C temperature range. Give the it a ground and 2.7 to 5.5 VDC and read the voltage on the Vout pin. The output voltage can be converted to temperature easily using the scale factor of 10 mV/°C. For Example:

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Tri-Temp Project Intro


This is the Tri-Temp project. It comes in two flavors- Standard and Ethernet. The Standard version outputs all readings on an LCD. The Ethernet adds output to HTML via a web browser. I did not design this to use an Ethernet shield- only the Arduino Ethernet- it’s more compact.So what’s this all about? Reading the Temp and Humidity! Nothing special going on here, just reading the digital data from three DHT22 sensors and displaying it.

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DHT11 with LCD on Arduino Uno

I hacked this DHT11 together today to show the outside temp/humidity. I normally test output to the Serial port but this time I did LCD and serial.  The clear case is a case from Maker Shed. Eventually all this will fit inside the box but until I’m satisfied I’m gonna let it hang…

Below is the code. I added the Dew Point in F.

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BMP085 Analog Barometer & Temperature Sensor

The BMP085 is an analog barometer/atmospheric pressure sensor coupled with a temperature sensor. It’s analog and uses a two-wire I2C interface. I got mine from Adafruit. They include some pin headers you can solder to it or you can wire it up directly.

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DHT11 Digital Temperature & Humidity Sensor

This was my first sensor. It’s a digital temperature and humidity sensor. It uses three pins, two for power and one for data. It worked perfectly…except….the libraries provided by Virtuabotix ($9.99 via didn’t work with the Arduino IDE v1.0.

So if fixed it!

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