Random Thoughts and Thanks.

I’ve always loved electronics. Sadly I started before the internet. Now, in just a few minutes I’ve found some of the coolest projects for Arduino and other micro controllers. And the author (lucky larry) of this project is over seas from me. How cool is that? What a great and under appreciated resource the internet is!

Remember back when you had to wait for a magazine to show up with ideas? The library certainly didn’t have do it yourself books. Or worse you had to find someone who knew more than you?

I guess I just want to thank EVERYONE in the Maker movement for sharing. Visit my site Arduino Everything for my projects!

Tri-Temp Project Intro


This is the Tri-Temp project. It comes in two flavors- Standard and Ethernet. The Standard version outputs all readings on an LCD. The Ethernet adds output to HTML via a web browser. I did not design this to use an Ethernet shield- only the Arduino Ethernet- it’s more compact.So what’s this all about? Reading the Temp and Humidity! Nothing special going on here, just reading the digital data from three DHT22 sensors and displaying it.

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Tri-Temp project

Coming soon- the mostly completed Tri-Temp box. Two editions- Standard and Ethernet. I’m still finishing it up and have lots of pictures.

  • Measure temperature and humidity from three locations via digital probes
  • Self contained in a small project box
  • Standard uses Arduino UNO
  • Ethernet uses Arduino Ethernet
  • Uses 16×2 LCD to display on Standard version
  • Ethernet uses LCD plus web interface!
  • LCD interfaces with Arduino via serial- no hogging all the digital lines!
  • It has its own logo!
  • Internal temp monitoring….just because
  • 3 wire External digital probes are pluggable and cheap!
  • Runs on 9v battery (don’t know how long yet….)
  • 4 interface buttons on project box to control the display

I should have it wrapped up and posted soon. The code will no doubt be a constant work in  progress but the hardware is almost complete.

My Arduino Goals for 2012…

This is what I’m hoping to get accomplished….

  • Temp, Pressure, Humidity monitor for the house with stats by Cacti. Ethernet Arduino required!
  • Cat food dispense- dispense 1 cup daily, possibly allow cat to initiate dispensing up to 1 cup limit.
  • Shower timer- time showers by listening to the water noise
  • Power monitor- find a way to monitor power usage either by outlet or at the fuse box. I know there are solutions but they’re expensive and non-hackable…
  • Weather station that updates to the internet- biggest hurdle here is parts…
  • RFID door locks
  • PC hardware monitor…I want to log the various temps on my machine but sadly all the sensors aren’t accessible via software. I hate writing windows software so this could be a creative way to do it.