Assault Rifles. My Thoughts & Support

My wife and I are ravenously divided on gun laws and ideals. I believe we should have the right to own guns. She thinks only law-enforcement should have them.

She’s starting to see it my way, especially in the context of home security but there is one area we both agree on.

Assault rifles.

There is NO reason any non-law-enforcement person/agency should have an assault rifle.

The reasoning is simple:

  • You don’t hunt with them.
  • They’re not concealable (within reason).
  • They’re purpose is outside the scope of what a citizen should be doing.

Assault rifles were designed for one purpose. Killing people. Assaults on people. Assaults by law-enforcement. Not citizens.

What law abiding citizen needs to kill anyone? Never mind that it’s not legal or moral (in any country on the planet).

I agree you should be able to own:

  1. a hand gun for home or personal protection
  2. a shot gun for home protection or fowl hunting
  3. a hunting rifle for – hunting game aka animals

Outside of these reasons there isn’t much else you’d need a high powered people killing rifle for. An assault rifle will destroy a deer. If you’re not hunting deer for food you shouldn’t be hunting.

I know there are those the believe that we may some day need to protect ourselves from our own government.

I know there are those that believe that we may some day need to protect ourselves from a foreign government on our soil.

Do you honestly think that any legally available gun is going to match the US military? If the US government falls the military is the last thing you’re going to need to worry about.

When was the last time we were attacked on US soil? WWII. Hawaii. Would an assault rifle have helped you? Not likely.

Our little vinyl cutting adventure is now selling ban-assault-rifle stickers via eBay with 25% of the sale (not proceeds or profit- 25% off the top) going to the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence.

We need legislation. I know we will never eliminate assault rifles. I know we’ll never be able to protect ourselves in every situation and location.

I do know that it needs to be A LOT more difficult for civilians to get weapons like assault rifles.

Help us support the Brady Campaign by buying AND displaying our NO ASSAULT RIFLES stickers. It’s not about making money. It’s about showing support for a good cause.

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