Indoor Aviary

Ok, so it’s not really an aviary, but for the size of our apartment, it’s huge!

After I moved to NY all my birds were in regular cages again. It drove me nuts. We had picked out a place for them to sit, essentially in a window, and that was good.

But the size and fact that they were separate from each other bugged me so I worked on an idea and it finally happened. An indoor Aviary.  See the pictures below.

The cage is about 4 ft wide x 20 inches deep x 4 ft tall and is made of 2×2 Red Oak wood with 1/2″ glavanized mesh.

There are many “innovations” to keep the mess they make to a minimum. The food area is surrounded by clear plastic to keep the food in (turns out it helps but isn’t perfect yet.)  There are trays at the bottom that are removable without opening the cage making cleaning a snap. The main door is of course one whole side so getting in there is easy.

The birds have more space, more toys, more freedom and lots of perches.  Plus there are the cameras! You can watch them from anywhere in the world now!

Enjoy, as always if yo have questions let me know!

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