The Pond v1

Everyone needs a little pond in their yard. It doesn’t have to be big to take up a lot of your time but it can really add something to your yard. We built ours in ~2001.It’s about 4×8 and as you can see below pretty nice. It’s not as professional as one might like, but for quick and dirty it suits our needs.

We added the small stones and border about 1 year after the main pond. It all started with a kit that had a liner and crappy pump. I’ve since added a 1200gph pump to run the waterfall.

We added lillys to the main water and reeds to the waterfall. As you can see below we had a bloom. What a great looking flower!

Shortly after the lilly bloom we had some late night visitors. I came out one morning to find the pond water filled with what looked like, well, lets call them frog eggs. Shortly after we had hundreds if not thousands of tadpoles in the pond. We fed them for a while and they eventually turned into little frogs that took over the back yard.

See if you can find all the frogs in this picture:

These are some closeups of some of the babies while they still had tails and one of a juvenile that looks like a small version of the adult.

We found out that spashing water around the rocks isn’t necessarily a good thing. This is the pond in the fall of 2003. See the rocks? Yuck!!

We were able to get most of the crud off the rocks with a pressure washer. Well worth the effort to return the rocks to normal.

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