As The Stars Go By Project Information

After shooting time lapses for a few years, I’ve settled on a favorite subject. Stars. Astronomy. Deep Space Objects.

“as the stars go by” is my presentation of my on going work in astronomically themed time lapse sequences. Each year I plan to put together a summary video. 2017 is DONE! Click here to see it! 2018 is being shot now.

All sequences can be found on youtube for the 2018 compilation. The playlist for 2017 is here.

If you have any sequences you’d like to share please submit them. Let me know if they can be used in the year end summary too. I’m always looking for scores to use with these sequences. If you want to score them please submit it!

This site will be updated over 2018 to be stand alone (hopefully…) (not part of my main site). I’ll also be posting each sequence, notes and more over the year (Play list is here). I hope that this will become a place where many photographers can share their astronomically themed time lapse sequences.

Please note that if you do submit that I will need permission to link to and possibly use your work as part of the year end summary. Your rights are reserved and I will not monetize your work. If requests to use your work are made I will pass them to you.

Some of my work has been featured before. I’ll post those soon.

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