American Thanksgiving Pre-Meeting Speech….

You know it’s going to happen. No one is going to agree with the politics in the US and there will be arguments. I plan on delivering this speech before the “festivities” start to avert getting involved in it….

“I’d like to make the following statement before we get into this because I know it’s coming. Don’t involve me in political discussions. Here are my final thoughts. Take them as you wish:

We as a country are the laughing stock of the galaxy, however, the fact is that we have the right to fuck ourselves and the democrats agree that we just exercised that right. It wouldn’t be a democracy if we didn’t have the right to do whatever we want, be it right or wrong.

The reality of having the right to make a potentially devastatingly bad decision comes with a cost AND with the associated responsibilities.

That’s what “freedom” is all about. You’re free to be right or wrong and your fellow countrymen have the same right.

That freedom or right as it were, comes with the responsibility of dealing with the decision that the “supposed” majority makes. You don’t have to agree with it but you have a responsibility to support whatever decision gets made. For better or worse we’re in this together.

Running away isn’t a good solution- you could live in north Korea where you don’t get any rights.

Best of all, part of the rights and freedoms we have are the right to publicly bitch about it without the government coming after you.

Part of your rights also include the ability to rectify a wrong. You can use that if you’re willing to. Protest, file a grievance, start a petition, start a lawsuit to remove someone not fit for office. We have that ability, that responsibility and that right and procedures for doing it legally.

Enjoy your rights.

Exercise them.

Just leave me out of it.”

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