Apple Boot Camp 6 Update for Windows 10

Finally got my hands on the update file AppleBcUpdate.exe. It’s linked here.


Apple did a great job hiding this update from Windows 10 users who want to use the proper Boot Camp 6 drivers and utilities. After hours of searching we finally got it.


-Update, I moved the file in dropbox and have updated the link above.

8 thoughts on “Apple Boot Camp 6 Update for Windows 10

  1. Hey – thanks for this – worked perfectly on my newer macbook pro. Any solutions for my older model which is the 2009 era? I have installed windows 10, but need the trackpad and mouse drivers if possible. Any help much appreciated 🙂

    1. Sadly I have not. Windows 10 support for older Macs is extremely trying and the best we’ve gotten is basic support on them. No properly working track pad, graphics issues, non working sound. It’s a pain. I went back to windows 7 because everything works properly.

      1. Thanks for your quick reply Jeff. One more question…is it only the mouse and trackpad that are the issue with Windows 10 on a 2009 MacbookPro? I’ve swapped to a non apple wireless mouse and all else seems OK. I’ll persevere with the non apple mouse if this is the case, but if there are other issues and you believe I should revert back to Windows 7 please let me know – thanks again – I spent HOURS trying to sort this one out, so was great to find your post!

  2. It’s sound, keyboard backlight and a few others.

    Older Macs are just not well supported on windows 10. It’s not worth the upgrade in my opinion.

    Apple doesn’t care about older machines. They’ve proven that with how long it took to find drivers and even then they don’t work properly.

  3. When my bootcamp support software never installed after my windows installation completed, and the versions of the software I could find were giving me the “This version of boot camp is not intended for this computer model” problem, I wasn’t sure how I would fix it. I tried this and it worked perfectly from scratch with no bootcamp installed prior to running this update. Thank you very very much!

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