Ruckus Wireless AP Default Info and User Guides

I’ve used several wireless AP management systems from Motorola and Ruckus. Ruckus is by far my favorite and here’s some useful info for their APs and Managers if you need to wipe them and start over.

One of the things I love about Ruckus is that their hardware warranty is essentially endless. By that I mean hardware is covered in excess of 5 years. Clearly after they have end of life’d a product you can’t get replacements but having only used their warranty twice in a few years I’m very happy with the whole process.

Default Username, Password, IP Address and User Guide for ZoneDirector and ZoneFlex

Ruckus Wireless ZoneDirector:

  • ZoneDirector 1000
  • ZoneDirector 1100
  • ZoneDirector 3000
    • IP address:
    • subnet mask:
    • No default username and password after reset

    ZoneDirector User Guide

    Ruckus Wireless ZoneFlex:
    ZoneFlex 7731 802.11n Wireless Bridge
    The default IP addresses for the Root and Non-Root Bridge are as follows:

    • Root Bridge:
    • Non-Root Bridge:
    • Subnet mask:
    • username: super
    • password: sp-admin

    ZoneFlex 7731 Getting Started Guide

    Ruckus Wireless ZoneFlex:
    ZoneFlex 7025 Multimedia Wi-Fi Wall Switch:
    (These are really neat wall outlet mountable APs but I question their reliability, they’re good in small environments but keep your eye on them!)

    Also note that after a hard reset using the hard reset button on the side the default IP is via DHCP.

    • IP address:
    • Subnet mask:
    • username: super
    • password: sp-admin

    ZoneFlex 7025 User Guide

    Ruckus Wireless ZoneFlex Access Points:

    • ZoneFlex 2942 802.11g Access Point
    • ZoneFlex 2741 802.11g Outdoor Access Point
    • ZoneFlex 7942 802.11n Access Point
    • ZoneFlex 7962 Dual Band 802.11n Access Point
    • ZoneFlex 7762 Dual Band 802.11n Outdoor Access Point
    • ZoneFlex 7762-S Dual Band 802.11n Outdoor Sector Access Point
    • ZoneFlex 7343 2.4GHz 802.11n Smart Wi-Fi Access Point
    • ZoneFlex 7363 Dual Band 802.11n Smart Wi-Fi Access Point
      • IP address:
      • Subnet mask:
      • username: super
      • password: sp-admin

    ZoneFlex User Guide

I have lots and lots of hands on experience in these devices. If you have questions please ask. I an attest to the fact that Ruckus support is very good too!

0 thoughts on “Ruckus Wireless AP Default Info and User Guides

  1. Hi, we have a zone director 1100, with 6 aps, currently I decided to enable DHCP and suddenly the network dissapeared and I can´t even find how to reconnect to the installation wizard because I can´t find the zone director anywhere. Is there a way to connect it directly with cable?

    Thank in advance.


    1. I would take the ZD off the network and connect to it directly with a laptop or something and get an ip address from it that way. The DG should be the ZD and you can logon and turn off the DHCP server in it.

  2. Hi Helicopter Jeff,

    I have an AP with Telnet/SSH/HTTP/HTTPS disabled directly from its own GUI (I know it’s terrible, right?).
    This AP is managed under a ZoneDirector and I have found a way to send CLI command to AP from its managing ZoneDirector. I just dont know what command to send so I can enable the Telnet/SSH/HTTP/HTTPS again on the AP… Please kindly advise

    1. I just looked at my ZD. there is no way to do this from the ZD. Your best best is to do a factory reset on the AP and let the ZD associate with it. That should give you all the necessary options.

  3. how do you feel aout their current end of life policy? in order to be able to use latest firmware and add new model WAPS, we are being faced with a 30,000 bil to replace perfectly good older working WAPs

    1. Not sure. I know that we just purchased a few new APs for a ZD 1100 which is out of support. We had to purchase the APs on the “grey” market to ensure compatibility. Once they stop firmware updates for our equipment we’ll just not get updates. Since everything is working and we can still get the older APs it’s not been an issue as of yet.

      If we ever needed to go beyond 12 APs then we’d have an issue but I don’t see that happening for us.

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