PID Hardware Photos

I was (and hope to again) working on a PID loop for the dragon’s main light. The idea is simple- vary the heat lamp using a servo and rheostat. Some of you have expressed interest. Here are the photos of the servo setup. The code however is so bad I don’t even know where to start. If you get something working please let me know!

The servo and linkages work perfectly through the full 180 degree range. The issue is the PID code….

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      1. I’m toying with the same thing, will let you know if I get anything working 🙂 I have a dragon enclosure and now a gecko vivarium that I could use automation on 🙂

  1. Not yet. I have a lot of vacation time coming up and I hope to get it squared away. Most of all I need to reset the clock…the lights are on late and off late- they’re supposed to match the daylight….

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