LED drivin….

One of my bestest oldest friends is an electrical engineer/genius. So I asked him- how do I drive 3 LEDs from the least number of Arduino ports?

Allegro Micro he says. I found this. SWEET!

This thing will drive LOTS of these little LED drivers from the SPI serial bus.

I’m so giddy! Digi-Key order is in! Spec sheet after the jump.

Allegro Micro makes LOTS of these neat little drivers. The one I found for this project is the A6280.



Sadly Arduino cannot drive the A6280 because the data and clock lines share a pin. Thankfully the A6281 doesn’t have this issue. BUT the A6281 is a surface mount chip. 🙁

BUT…..someone makes a little breakout board for it called the ShiftBrite.

I’m considering my options….more to come.


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