LCC Breadboard Visual

Below is the breadboard circuit diagram. It’s pretty final. I hope to clean it up a bit when the project is final.

The major additions in this rev is that I’m using transistors against the Arduino digital outs to control the AC relays and a corresponding LED indicator.  The on/off switches in those circuits provide a bypass to turn on the AC switches if necessary.

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  1. Hey I was reading tuhorgh your Arduino weather station project and I’m really interested. I have a TX21U-IT sensor and have bought several of the stations for friends/family as well. I don’t have an Arduino, but I do have a Xilinx CoolRunner II development board that I think could work just as well.I’m looking for the RF receiver. The sensor I have runs at 915 MHz instead of the 435 MHz yours runs on. It appears that the RF receiver you’re using is 435 MHz amplitude-shift keying (ASK). Do you know if all La Crosse weather station transmitters are ASK or could they be FSK?If I get the thing running (or not) I’ll let you know. Thanks, and congrats on a great blog with some awesome projects!Lance

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