Recessed Shelving

I saw this idea in a wood working magazine. They were making use of the space under a stair case by making shelves and recessing them into the space under the stairs.I adapted the idea to put shelves into regular walls. The original reason for this was to cover a massively messed up wall patch job. We had a wall heater in the wall from the 60’s that had to go. Unfortunately to get it out required the drywall to be removed. This left a huge hole. The patch job that was done on it really sucked so I had to do something.

The first phase of the shelves is done, now I just need to get the actual shelves made.

Below are pictures of what I did:

Since the first hole was ‘pre cut’ I’ll show the second one that I did from scratch.

The first step is to get the drywall cut out. I matched the first hole from the heater. I kind of cheated by making the shelf only as wide as the space between studs. This has the benefit of being easier…

So after the drywall is gone I needed a 2×4 at the top and bottom in order to have something to attach the veneer to. I ended up with a cross brace in the middle so I cut the nails and used it as the bottom 2×4.

The next step is to prepare/cut/stain the veneer. I purchased 2 4×8 sheets of veneer that’s about 1/4 inch thick. I assembled the veneer from the back to the front. The back piece had to be held in by the sides and top because it’s against the drywall of another room. Nailing through it would ruin the wall on the other side.

I used brads for attaching the sides. The final pieces were the borders, they were attached with brads too.  The final step was filling gaps and putting quarter round trim in the back corners. Overall I think it came out rather well!

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