TMP36 Analog Temperature Sensor

The TMP36 was my first sensor and is pretty simple. 3 pins, 1 analog port.

Available from SparkFun.

It’s a low voltage temperature sensor. It provides a voltage output that is linearly proportional to the Celsius temperature. It also doesn’t require any external calibration to provide a typical accuracy of ±1°C at +25°C and ±2°C over the −40°C to +125°C temperature range. Give the it a ground and 2.7 to 5.5 VDC and read the voltage on the Vout pin. The output voltage can be converted to temperature easily using the scale factor of 10 mV/°C. For Example:

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Paper Size Mashup Poster

I get questions all the time about paper sizes, European equivalents and how to convert sizes. I decided to make this quick and very dirty mashup.

It basically shows all the standard cut sheet paper sizes you’re most likely to encounter in the world, or at least in the office environment. It also covers weights and lots of visual comparisons of sizes.

If you want to add anything PLEASE email me or use the form below! I’d love this to be a community effort!

The “poster” is currently 11×17 aka tabloid.

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