Albert the Red Fronted Macaw


Albert passed away on March 9th, 2005. No COD is known.

Albert is a very special bird. He is a Red Fronted Macaw. These birds are on the endangered species list and are very rare. However, they are being bred in captivity with great success.

Albert came to me as an 18 something-year-old male bird. He’s been mistreated and ignored for at least the last 8-10 years. His diet consisted mostly of peanuts and sunflower seeds. He had a bad disposition, screamed and bit all the time. As a result of his treatment, he plucked 100% of his feathers on his chest, back, legs and underside of his wings. Oddly, he can fly very well. The pictures tell his whole story.

In just three months I have completely turned him around. I have changed his diet to mixed seeds/fruits that exclude sunflower seeds. He gets a lot of personal attention and has three other birds to “play with”.He now very rarely bites me in agression, is playful, loves to come out of his cage, steps up on command, rides my shoulder and generally behaves! He’s even begun to scream much less, in fact I can’t remember the last time he had a screaming fit.

More Information

  • Scientific name: Ara rubrogenys
  • Common name: Red-fronted Macaw
  • Length: 21 – 22 inches
  • Wingspan: 32 – 34 inches
  • Weight: 450 – 650 g
  • Natural Diet: Fruits of the Cacti, native fruits, cultivated corn, and peanuts (Albert’s favorite).
  • Natural Range: Red-fronted Macaw’s have the smallest known range of all macaws. They are only found in Bolivia around the provinces of Cochabamba and Santa Cruz, in the Andean valleys of central Bolivia.

Very little is known about these birds. They were only officially recognized in the 1970s. There are only beleived to be less than 3,000 left in the wild and since each pair only produce one baby per year/season they don’t reproduce very fast.

Pictures of Albert

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Macaw Range
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HDD vs Gun

What happens when a hard drive meets high speed metal at 30 yards? OR Shooting a hard drive with a gun…

Not as much as you’d think what a hard drive gets shot at with a .22 I can tell you. Below are pictures in order from the first shot to the last of what happens when you shoot a hard drive with a .22 caliber rifle at 30 yards. Take special note of the drives platters at the end. They’re pretty resilient. I was surprised. The nicely mushroomed bullet was the first shot I made. I was shocked to have found it.

House Fire

On April 2nd 2007 my house caught fire. No one was hurt thankfully and because of the season the birds were outside. The cause according to the fire marshal and insurance company was a battery in the hall closet.

Below are pictures of the aftermath. Feel free to ask any questions.