Still workin…

For all the crap we give Microsoft about their operating systems I have to give them one thing- backwards compatibility. I know it comes at a price. However in the rare situation like when I had to load Lotus Organizer from 1997 on a 64bit version of Windows 7….and it worked. You gotta give them some credit!

HDD vs Gun

What happens when a hard drive meets high speed metal at 30 yards? OR Shooting a hard drive with a gun…

Not as much as you’d think what a hard drive gets shot at with a .22 I can tell you. Below are pictures in order from the first shot to the last of what happens when you shoot a hard drive with a .22 caliber rifle at 30 yards. Take special note of the drives platters at the end. They’re pretty resilient. I was surprised. The nicely mushroomed bullet was the first shot I made. I was shocked to have found it.

House Fire

On April 2nd 2007 my house caught fire. No one was hurt thankfully and because of the season the birds were outside. The cause according to the fire marshal and insurance company was a battery in the hall closet.

Below are pictures of the aftermath. Feel free to ask any questions.