Astronomy Activities This Summer

Join me and many of the New Jersey area clubs at UACNJ in the Jenny Jump State Forest every Saturday night from April 6th until the end of October. We have astronomy related talks at 8pm, rain or shine. Afterwards we will open our telescopes to the public (weather permitting).

The observing field is open until about 10:30p.

Bring your camera and tripod and try out some neat shots of the night sky. Lots of members are on hand to help you get a great shot with any camera (DSLR cameras…cell phones are possible but you need special apps for that…)

Visit for more information.

Come see amazing things in the sky above. There’s more to see despite light pollution that you’d think!

Astronomy and the Skies!

Looking for interesting astronomical things to do and read? I’m the Editor in Chief for the New York City based astronomy club-Amateur Astronomers Association of New York’s online newsletter/magazine!

Every month we publish articles about astrophotography, astronomy, space history and more!

If you’re in the NJ/NY area you can visit us! The AAA has public viewings on the NYC Highline and other locations around the city. Check the schedule here and here. I promise you’ll be amazed at what can be seen from one of the most light polluted cities on the planet! You can see some of the photography that has been done from within the city on our instagram feed here.

I’m also a regular at the United Astronomy Clubs of New Jersey. We have a fantastic location in the Jenny Jump State Park in NJ with >4 observatories where the public can enjoy the darkest skies in the area. We’re open from April to October. We feature guest speakers at 8pm and if the weather permits we open telescopes so you can see amazing things! The most popular astronomical objects/targets are our friends Saturn, Jupiter and Mars- if you’ve never seen Saturn’s rings you’re going to be amazed! If you stick around you can see things that are even more amazing.

Check for speakers and information for the 2019 season. We open for special astronomical events like eclipses (weather permitting of course!).

You can see some of my astrophotography shots here.

Email me if you need information not provided at the links above!