Another Letter To the “Can’t Do Our Jobs” Department aka USPS


I have to send another letter to the USPS. Why can’t they just do what they are supposed to do and do it correctly?

Attached to this post is a PDF sent to the Washington DC Office of Consumer Advocate and this time I’ve cc’d the Inspector General.

Any bets on a response from any of them?

This time I’ve included photos the EPA would just love. I really think it’s time for FedEx and UPS to step up to the plate and just take over the USPS. The USPS just can’t cut it any more. Their carriers are clearly untrained, their distribution centers don’t know a bar code from a zip code and leaving boxes in the rain at your door is apparently the right thing to do. How embarrassing. Even UPS knows enough to put the box in a bag if it’s snowing or raining. Duh.

Office of Consumer Advocate Email

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