Oh Windows, why dost thou hate me so?

I understand, having a background in IT, programming and development and other complex systems, that complex systems are, well, complex.

I also understand where Windows came from. From version 1.x on the good old IBM PS/2 model 25. Yeah, I had one. One of the first “all in one” computers with, gasp, VGA….

I also had a Mac Plus…..that worked better….

My point being- Why is it that in 2014, I still have to wipe Windows 7 out to completely flush it? Why do we still have a registry? Shared DLLs? Why can’t I move an app from the programs folder and still have it work?

Oh wait, I can. If I used a Mac.

Microsoft missed the mark. Mac, even before it was Intel based was fully object oriented. Move an app from this drive to that one and it still worked with no complaints. No preference issues, no fuss no muss. Steve was on to something…..

Windows? Not so much. Today I’ve spent all day reloading Windows 7, applying hundreds of updates with hundreds more to go.

I really hope Windows 8 or 9 will fix this but probably not. I think I’m going to head back to Mac land. It costs more but frankly, I can have a Mac system up and running in about 2 hours. I’ve been dicking with windows updates for 4 hours and I haven’t even scratched the surface. Ouch.

I know, I know…make an image of your working system. I do. That doesn’t always make sense. TimeMachine anyone?

Time to reboot. More updates….

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