Since I merged into my primary blog I’ve found lots of broken images and galleries. I’m working on fixing them as I find them. If you find one please leave a comment and I’ll fix it.

Apparently some URLs to images are embedded in the posts. I did a nice SQL search and replace on these and I think I got them all.

For the geeky out there and my own reference this is what that SQL statement looked like:

[php]UPDATE wp_table SET field_name = REPLACE(field_name, ‘/wp/’, ‘/’) WHERE field_name LIKE “”;[/php]

Author: Helicopter Jeff

I'm a vinyl decal cutting and designing, Astrophotography and general photography capturing, RC helicopter/quad copter pilot, Arduino and Raspberry Pi hardware/software developer, network, scripting and troubleshooting ninja living in the metro NY area. I am passionate about my hobbies so much I do them for a living. There's nothing better than getting paid to do what you love.

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