Uh oh, Pi is in the house..

Finally got my hands on a Raspberry Pi….will this replace my Arduino? No….I don’t think so…not yet anyway….

I think the Raspberry Pi will be a perfect “front end” for web enabling my Arduino.

I have found that adding Ethernet to Arduino eats up a lot of precious memory. My idea is that I can develop a complete PHP front end on the Pi and use the Arduino for all the hardware interfacing.

While I realize that the Raspberry Pi can do all of the hardware interfacing, I also realize that doing so isn’t as simple (to the best of my knowledge). For example the Pi runs Linux. Coding for Linux is generally done in C or using a higher level language like PHP or Perl. Neither of those higher level languages are any good at directly reading GPIO ports. That’s not their purpose.

But they can manipulate data. THAT’S what they’re good for. Arduino and html and databases don’t mix…

So I see my Raspberry Pi taking the place of a dedicated PC for communicating to the outside world with ease.

Time for some Pi.

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