My Arduino Goals for 2012…

This is what I’m hoping to get accomplished….

  • Temp, Pressure, Humidity monitor for the house with stats by Cacti. Ethernet Arduino required!
  • Cat food dispense- dispense 1 cup daily, possibly allow cat to initiate dispensing up to 1 cup limit.
  • Shower timer- time showers by listening to the water noise
  • Power monitor- find a way to monitor power usage either by outlet or at the fuse box. I know there are solutions but they’re expensive and non-hackable…
  • Weather station that updates to the internet- biggest hurdle here is parts…
  • RFID door locks
  • PC hardware monitor…I want to log the various temps on my machine but sadly all the sensors aren’t accessible via software. I hate writing windows software so this could be a creative way to do it.

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