Is this REALLY necessary??

Hi. We’re the USA. We’re hopelessly in debt. But no problem firing lots of missiles into Libya at $1M each. That’s $1,000,000 dollars. Each. What do we get for all that? Nuthin. That there’s some good fiscal sense. Lets take care of our existing TWO wars and some folks at home first shall we? M’kay?

Ok, so the missiles are actually closer to $1,066,465 but who’s counting the extra $66,465 anyway?

This kind of spending just has got to stop.

Author: Helicopter Jeff

I'm a vinyl decal cutting and designing, Astrophotography and general photography capturing, RC helicopter/quad copter pilot, Arduino and Raspberry Pi hardware/software developer, network, scripting and troubleshooting ninja living in the metro NY area. I am passionate about my hobbies so much I do them for a living. There's nothing better than getting paid to do what you love.

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