Astronomy and the Skies!

Looking for interesting astronomical things to do and read? I'm the Editor in Chief for the New York City based astronomy club-Amateur Astronomers Association of New York's online newsletter/magazine! Every month we publish articles about astrophotography, astronomy, space history and more! If you're in the NJ/NY area you can visit us! The AAA has public … Continue reading Astronomy and the Skies!

As The Stars Go By Project Information

After shooting time lapses for a few years, I've settled on a favorite subject. Stars. Astronomy. Deep Space Objects. "as the stars go by" is my presentation of my on going work in astronomically themed time lapse sequences. Each year I plan to put together a summary video. 2017 is DONE! Click here to see … Continue reading As The Stars Go By Project Information

American Thanksgiving Pre-Meeting Speech….

You know it's going to happen. No one is going to agree with the politics in the US and there will be arguments. I plan on delivering this speech before the "festivities" start to avert getting involved in it.... "I'd like to make the following statement before we get into this because I know it's … Continue reading American Thanksgiving Pre-Meeting Speech….

Shrinking VirtualBox VMs Under Windows

Some times you need to reclaim space from dynamically expanding vdi images for VirtualBox. If you have a Windows guest, I've found this optional but you can try it if jumping to the actual shrinking doesn't work. Remove all unnecessary applications and files, empty the trash, etc. Do a defrag. You can use Defraggler if you … Continue reading Shrinking VirtualBox VMs Under Windows

Engineers are Tinkerers

If you don't, you need to listen to StarTalk Radio which is normally hosted by Neil deGrasse Tyson. On an episode around 07/29/2016, Bill Nye was speaking on engineers: “What you want in engineering is a tinkerer, one who tinks...for example, Mike Mann the guy who developed the first version of the hockey stick graph, … Continue reading Engineers are Tinkerers

Factory Reset Motorola/Symbol WLAN WS5000/WS5100 Switch/Controller

We have the blessing/curse of having a lot of WiFi coverage which necessitates having centrally managed Access Points (APs). To do that we're using Motorola/Symbol controllers and more recently a Ruckus Wireless system. For this article I'm resetting a Symbol branded WS5000 controller which isn't as easy as it originally looked. If you loose the … Continue reading Factory Reset Motorola/Symbol WLAN WS5000/WS5100 Switch/Controller

My Original Thunder Tiger Raptor 30 Nitro

Found these old photos of the first Raptor 30 I flew circa 2003. Back when we could get 20 minutes of flight on one tank...remember those days? Yes, those are real wooden OS .30 engine, a remote glow plug attachment, a gigantic gyro and full mechanical linkages/mixing, oh and don't forget the milk carton … Continue reading My Original Thunder Tiger Raptor 30 Nitro