Remotely Reboot Windows from Command Line

Here’s how we do it from the command line. Should work from PowerShell too.

  1. Win+R
  2. Type shutdown /[r|s] /m \\ComputerName /c “Comment” /d [u|p] <xx>:<yy> and then press ENTER.
Value Description
/r Restarts the remote computer.
/s Shuts down the remote computer.
/m \\ ComputerName Specifies the destination computer.
/c “ Comment Enables you to comment in detail about the reason for the shutdown. You can use a maximum of 511 characters. Comments must be enclosed in quotation marks.
/d [u|p] xx : yy Lists the reason for the system restart or shutdown, where xx specifies a major reason number from 0 through 255, and yy specifies a minor reason number from 0 through 65,535.
/force Forces the computer to shut down if other users are logged in. If this is not used and other users are logged in to the remote computer, the computer will not shut down or restart.

If you force the computer to shut down or restart, logged in users will not have the opportunity to save their work.
/t xxx Sets the time-out period before the system shuts down or restarts to xxx seconds. The valid range is 0-600, with a default of 30. Using the /t flag implies the /force option.

For more detailed information about the shutdown command and additional options, type shutdown /? at the command prompt.

Astronomy Activities This Summer

Join me and many of the New Jersey area clubs at UACNJ in the Jenny Jump State Forest every Saturday night from April 6th until the end of October. We have astronomy related talks at 8pm, rain or shine. Afterwards we will open our telescopes to the public (weather permitting).

The observing field is open until about 10:30p.

Bring your camera and tripod and try out some neat shots of the night sky. Lots of members are on hand to help you get a great shot with any camera (DSLR cameras…cell phones are possible but you need special apps for that…)

Visit for more information.

Come see amazing things in the sky above. There’s more to see despite light pollution that you’d think!

Astronomy and the Skies!

Looking for interesting astronomical things to do and read? I’m the Editor in Chief for the New York City based astronomy club-Amateur Astronomers Association of New York’s online newsletter/magazine!

Every month we publish articles about astrophotography, astronomy, space history and more!

If you’re in the NJ/NY area you can visit us! The AAA has public viewings on the NYC Highline and other locations around the city. Check the schedule here and here. I promise you’ll be amazed at what can be seen from one of the most light polluted cities on the planet! You can see some of the photography that has been done from within the city on our instagram feed here.

I’m also a regular at the United Astronomy Clubs of New Jersey. We have a fantastic location in the Jenny Jump State Park in NJ with >4 observatories where the public can enjoy the darkest skies in the area. We’re open from April to October. We feature guest speakers at 8pm and if the weather permits we open telescopes so you can see amazing things! The most popular astronomical objects/targets are our friends Saturn, Jupiter and Mars- if you’ve never seen Saturn’s rings you’re going to be amazed! If you stick around you can see things that are even more amazing.

Check for speakers and information for the 2019 season. We open for special astronomical events like eclipses (weather permitting of course!).

You can see some of my astrophotography shots here.

Email me if you need information not provided at the links above!

As The Stars Go By Project Information

After shooting time lapses for a few years, I’ve settled on a favorite subject. Stars. Astronomy. Deep Space Objects.

“as the stars go by” is my presentation of my on going work in astronomically themed time lapse sequences. Each year I plan to put together a summary video. 2017 is DONE! Click here to see it! 2018 is being shot now.

All sequences can be found on youtube for the 2018 compilation. The playlist for 2017 is here.

If you have any sequences you’d like to share please submit them. Let me know if they can be used in the year end summary too. I’m always looking for scores to use with these sequences. If you want to score them please submit it!

This site will be updated over 2018 to be stand alone (hopefully…) (not part of my main site). I’ll also be posting each sequence, notes and more over the year (Play list is here). I hope that this will become a place where many photographers can share their astronomically themed time lapse sequences.

Please note that if you do submit that I will need permission to link to and possibly use your work as part of the year end summary. Your rights are reserved and I will not monetize your work. If requests to use your work are made I will pass them to you.

Some of my work has been featured before. I’ll post those soon.

Plane Crash in Carlstadt NJ

I was witness to the aftermath of a horrific plane crash today near my office. A small Lear Jet 35 crashed into the buildings at the end of our block. Links below to my on scene photos and video.

Thankfully the only known injured/killed were the aircraft crew of two.

National news picked it up, just Google for “carlstadt plane crash” for stories. Some of my footage was used by ABC and a few other stations.

Photos on Flickr
Video on YouTube
More after the jump. Continue reading “Plane Crash in Carlstadt NJ”

Engineers are Tinkerers

If you don’t, you need to listen to StarTalk Radio which is normally hosted by Neil deGrasse Tyson. On an episode around 07/29/2016, Bill Nye was speaking on engineers:

“What you want in engineering is a tinkerer, one who tinks…for example, Mike Mann the guy who developed the first version of the hockey stick graph, he as a kid was a tinkerer he was constantly messing around with computer programs…”

I guess as a Maker I’m part Engineer. I’m a tinkerer. A Making Engineering Tinkerer. MET.

Factory Reset Motorola/Symbol WLAN WS5000/WS5100 Switch/Controller

If you loose the administrator password for the Motorola/Symbol Wireless LAN Switch (WS5000 or WS5100) you can factory default the configuration and administrator password with the following procedure.

You’ll need to access the physical DB-9 serial console with a null serial cable. I found the defaults to work at 19200-8-N-1.

Once plugged in you’ll need to login to the console as the username “restore” with the password of “restoreDefaultPassword”. Here’s an example;

WS5100 login: cli

User Access Verification

Username: restore
Password: restoreDefaultPasword

WARNING: This will wipe out the configuration (except license key) and
user data under "flash:/" and reboot the device
Do you want to continue? (y/n): y

After the switch reboots you’ll need to use the default administrator username and password to log into the switch. They are username “admin” and password “Symbol”. Im my case it was admin/symbol but it could be admin/motorola.

Once this is done you can logon via serial using the cli user and then admin/which ever password worked and setup the switch.

Note that due to the age of these, web management cannot be done via https. You’ll need to load an old version of java and connect via http. I’ll try to cover that in another article.

If you’re good at the command line you’re set.